HOW TO WRITE A PROGRAM | STEPS OF WRITING A COMPUTER PROGRAM – Not all computer users can write good programs. Logic is very important in the program. To find the answer to a question, a person who can reason well can write a good program.

So if the same type of program is written by two people, there is a difference.

One person goes the long way to find the answer to the given question, while the other person finds the answer in a few terms.

Writing a program, like many other arts, is an art that can be achieved with effort. But there are certain steps that need to be taken.

What is the sequence of those steps? How to write a program | Steps of writing a computer program


We don’t understand the question asked so many times. Of course, the ways to solve it are difficult.

It is then necessary to first make a thorough analysis of the given question. One has to guess what are the variable and constant numbers in the question, what information will be required for the answer, what will be the format of the answer, and what formulas will be required to get the answer.

This type of question is called ‘analysis’.


The analysis of the question is over the plan in which order to solve it begins. Algorithms and flowcharts are specially used for this purpose. This method reduces the chances of errors in the program.

It is easy to see whether all the alternatives have been considered. The program focuses on how much specific mathematics need to be repeated.

They also help keep the length of the program to a minimum. This step of writing a program is called ‘design’ in English.


Once the flowchart is created, writing a program is a very simple task. All you have to do is know the language you are going to use and its rules.

The program you write should be written in a way that others can understand. The program can be divided into several sections, with details of what is done at the beginning of each section.

Coding sheets of paper are available in the market for writing programs. It is better to write a program on such papers! This step of writing a program is called ‘program coding’.


The next step is to store the written program on the computer via the keyboard! It is not uncommon for a program you write to give accurate answers at first glance.

The bigger the program, the more likely it is to make mistakes! All these errors should be detected and removed from the program.

Many times the computer itself shows many mistakes. They can be repaired from there. If there are any mistakes in the logic of the program, they have to look at themselves carefully.

‘Bug’ is a funny word in English for program errors and of course ‘de bug’ is used to correct them. This completes the testing and debugging of the program.


So much so that a report is prepared by combining the printed copy of the program, its answers, the limitations of the program, its accuracy to solve specific questions, etc.

This report is called ‘Documentation’. So much so that the whole program is perfect.